Advice for Visiting Monks and Nuns

Cittaviveka is a monastery in a lineage that uses Vinaya-discipline extensively and follows the training of the Thai Forest Tradition. As this lineage has settled and adapted to the West, shifts in emphasis, and adaptations to local climatic and social conditions have gradually taken place. In the course of this, some Asian customs and mannerisms have been set aside, but the core Vinaya of the Theravada school, along with many of the observances of Ajahn Chah’s monasteries, is still central to our life. Accordingly, any visiting monk or nun should be prepared to conform to the standards in this monastery. Some of the outlines are as follows:

  • The use of, acceptance of, or soliciting of money in any form is not allowed.
  • Visitors should seek to fit in with the routines of the monastery, and offer such service as they are capable of.
  • The monastery is a ‘double-community’ of monks and nuns. While the nuns’ order is formally junior to that of the monks, nuns play an important and integral part in the life, teaching and management of the monastery. We support a courteous and friendly relationship between monks and nuns that emphasises our common practice rather than differences in terms of status.

As all Buddhist monastics are part of a long-standing common tradition, we wish to support those who can benefit from staying at Cittaviveka. If you wish to come as a guest, please write to the Lodgings Monk or Nun, giving details of your ordination, lineage, seniority and any recommendation from a teacher (if you have one). Our Sangha will then consider your request.