Financial Report

Report on 2017/2018 and Looking Ahead

Dear Friends of Cittaviveka,

Like other Theravada Buddhist monasteries, we are entirely dependent on freewill offerings from our lay supporters.  Traditionally such support is offered on the ‘alms round’ (pindabaht) principle. This offers those wishing to express their appreciation of the monastery the opportunity to offer a small amount regularly, in accordance with their means.  Our hope and aim is that month on month, we will receive enough to cover our running costs.  

I am delighted to say that last year, 2017/18, as for the previous four financial years, your generosity has been enough to meet all our day-to-day costs, without outside help.  We have also been able to start to save towards the costs of the monks’ Vihara, the final phase in the monastery’s development.
Thank you for your generosity!

2017/2018 Finances

The monastery cost £179,059 to run last year, which is about £15,000 a month.  The money was used for these main purposes (The monastery is run by The English Sangha Trust, registered charity 231310 and full details of  the Trust’s annual accounts can be found on the Charity Commission website):

Maintenance and Estate 47%
Utilities 9%
Welfare and Food 8%
Insurance 8%
Forest 8%
Admin. Telephones, Publications, etc 8%
Travel 6%
Other 6%


Donations from supporters were sufficient to cover these costs and we also received nearly £18,000 Gift Aid from the Government, £11,000 from various renewable energy schemes and £13,000 from legacies and a large donation at the end of March 2017 that increased our reserves.  This meant we could cope with the unexpected need to replace the large log boiler for the main house and also put aside an extra £23,000 toward the cost of the Vihara.

Next Year’s Budget

2018/19 could be a very exciting year.  The pattern of general spending should be similar to last year, which will enable us to keep the monastery running and in good repair.  However we plan to create the new bowl washing area, which is the first phase of the Vihara project, and make substantial progress with planning and securing funds for the main project.  This will be a wonderful way to celebrate 40 years since the foundation of the monastery. But we can only do this with your continued support.

Are you signed up to Gift Aid?

If you are a UK taxpayer, the Monastery may be able to claim back 25p for every £1 donated. As a charity the Monastery is exempt from paying taxes. As UK taxpayers have already been taxed, HMRC state we are able to claim this back.  

The claim is dependent on two conditions:

1. You have paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year as will be reclaimed in Gift Aid.

2. You make a Gift Aid declaration that gives the Monastery permission to reclaim it.

Last year the Monastery was able to reclaim £18,600 from the government in this way.

If you are unsure if your donations qualify for Gift Aid, or if you have any other questions, please ask the lay treasurer who can be contacted at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery Chithurst, Petersfield GU31 5EU, or by email: treasurer{at}

Thank You For Your Continuing Support!