Forest Work Month 2018

Fri 16th November – Sat 8th December

We offer you an invitation to contribute to this year’s Chithurst Buddhist Monastery Forest Work Month. Caring for the monastery's beautiful woodland we can help to create an environment supportive to those wishing to walk in the footsteps of The Buddha, whilst also maintaining and protecting a space that nourishes and brightens the lives of the many living beings that pass through it.

This years forest work aims to include such activities

  • Native tree planting and the care of recently planted trees
  • Coppicing and stacking wood-fuel for the monastery
  • Maintenance of lowland heath, glades & rides
  • Repairing steps, handrails etc. to maintain good access

The three-week work period will involve a team of up to eight resident laymen and monastics working five days a week. The daily schedule will be work from 8am until 4pm with 2hrs for lunch.

Participants will live under the Eight Precepts and are welcome to join the monastery's morning and evening meditations. Accommodation will be provided at the main monastery, or in a kuti forest hut.

We will meet on the afternoon of Friday 16th November for an introduction, with the work starting the morning of Saturday the 17th. Please arrive by Friday 16th before the meal at 10.30am.

You will need to bring warm working clothes, sturdy footwear, and waterproofs. Working gloves, and all tools and equipment are provided.

Preference is given to those who can come for one, two or best of all three weeks, but you are also welcome to join the team as a non-resident for any day(s) by prior arrangement.

If you would like to take part, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.