Nuns' Schedule for Autumn 2016


Ajahn Sundara and Ajahn Candasiri will be at Cittaviveka on Sunday 30th October (Kathina) and staying on at Rocana Vihara for the time of the Elders Council Meetings (1st and 2nd Nov.).
Ajahn Sundara is invited to give the Talk at Aloka Shrine Room on Tuesday 1st November (7:30 evening Puja and Meditation, 8:30 Talk).

Ajahn Candasiri will be present for the Dana at Rocana Vihara on Thursday 3rd November at 11:00 AM (!). She will have time to speak with friends after the meal before returning to Scotland later that afternoon.

Ajahn Cittapala will continue to be resident at Rocana Vihara until mid November and offer a Talk at Aloka Shrine Room on the remaining Tuesdays (25th October and 8th November) and be present for the Dana at Rocana Vihara onThursday 3rd and 10th November.

The plan is for Ajahn Cittapala to come back to Rocana Vihara for one week in December (16th - 27th) and offer one more Tuesday Talk (20th Dec.) and  opportunity for a Thursday Dana at Rocana (23th Dec.).